Global Exchanges: First Week for ASV Students in Naples

The first week in Naples for the ASV expedition was outstanding. From Monday to Thursday our students followed the assigned schedule of classes and cocurricular activities. Yesterday they had a field trip to the Everglades nature reserve and a wildlife center. There was time to visit the Edison-Ford Museum too. The ASV teachers are getting […]

CSN Students and Teachers Visiting ASV

A group of eight students and three teachers from the Community School of Naples (CSN) arrived in Valencia on Friday, November 11, 2016 to begin their experience at ASV as part of the 2016-2017 Global Exchange Program. The CSN students, currently in 7th and 8th grades, will also participate as student-delegates at the VALMUN 2016 […]

Exchange with FRCS: Touring around Boston and New York City

ASV students and their exchange peers in Foxborough Regional Charter School enjoyed this week the Spring Break. These days off the group had time for interesting activities such as excursions to Boston, a relevant city in the American history, Newport, and New York. Part of them visited colleges in the surrounding area like Harvard. The FRCS […]

News from the ASV Exchange Students in Foxborough (Massachusetts)

ASV Students spent their first week at Foxborough Regional Charter School as part of the Global Student Exchange Program 2016. On Sunday, they had time to rest after the long flight  and on Monday they were welcomed with a special breakfast with their exchange peers. As FRCS students visited ASV in February and had some […]

Foxborough Students Departed Today

Sadly, the stay of the FRCS students finished today Friday, February 26. Their  peers at ASV, the host families, and the High School Principal Dr. Kristy Beam, went this morning to the airport to wish everyone a safe journey back to Massachusetts. Yesterday they had their last teaching periods at ASV and a farewell lunch […]

Exchange with Community School of Naples. Road Trip Notes (week 2)

This week our students in Naples combined regular classes with extracurricular activities such as a visit to Florida Gulf Coast University, and a field trip to the Everglades. At FGCU, they were guided on a tour by a student of the university which answered questions or doubts. On Monday, they had a day off as […]