Admissions Director

Ms. Felicitas Berazay
Tfn.: (+ 34) 96 140 54 12

Admission process:

Thank you for taking the time to look through our website for information about the American School of Valencia (ASV), its academic programs and our admissions process. Our goal is to make the admissions process as informative and simple as possible, and we encourage you to schedule a meeting with us for your personalized visit.

ASV has a rolling admissions process and we accept Applications for Admission throughout the academic year based on space availability and academic compatibility. We actively seek those applicants who share our philosophy of international mindedness, multilingualism, integrity and a contemporary education.

We encourage families to apply as early as possible and priority is provided for international families, siblings of currently enrolled children and those with an advanced level of English. Each Application for Admission is reviewed with care by our staff to ensure that each child is compatible with the rigorous academic standards of ASV.

All applicants in first through twelfth grades must take an Admissions Evaluation prepared by the school, which comprises evaluations in English, Mathematics and Spanish (for native or advance speakers). This evaluation, along with the child’s school reports, information contained in the Application for Admission, parent interviews and standardized testing results, are reviewed caringly and holistically by the Admissions Team, which is comprised of the Admissions Coordinator, Guidance Counselors, Learning Support Coordinator, Preschool and Elementary Principal, High School Principal, and the Director.

Once an admission decision is made, parents will receive a communication by telephone or email about the school’s decision, along with an official letter of the decision as follows:

  1. ADMISSION: If an applicant is admitted, a telephone call and/or email will be sent along with an official admissions letter welcoming the student and parents to the ASV community. At that time, additional information will be sent by email that requires parental action within three weeks of notification of the school’s admission. Documents and payments not received in three weeks will cause the student to be placed on the Waiting List. Please note that applicants placed on the waiting list are not guaranteed placement in the school.
  2. NON-ADMISSION: If an applicant is not granted admission, parents will be informed by telephone or email, and an official letter sent by mail and the school’s decision is final. The Admission Evaluation is the property of the American School of Valencia and is an internal document used as only one part of the school’s non-admission decision.

WAITING LIST: If an applicant is accepted and there is no space availability in the appropriate grade, the family will be notified and asked if they would like to have their child placed on the waiting list. If and when a place becomes available, it will be offered to the waiting list students based on the criteria mentioned above.

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