Sint Maria Geel group

Goodbye to the First Group of Erasmus+ Students

The first group of Erasmus+ students from Sint Maria Geel completed their learning experience at ASV on Friday, May 3, 2024. These 11 students have enjoyed a 2-week immersion in the regular routine of the ASV Preschool and Elementary classes.

On Thursday and Friday, Ms. Inge Sterckx and Ms. Eva Kenis, members of the Sint Maria Geel faculty, came to our school to complete the required student evaluation by holding short meetings with their students and the ASV cooperating teachers: “What we most value is getting to know how the mentor and the student feel after this learning experience,” Ms. Kenis describe.

Sint Maria Geel offers three innovative educational pathways in secondary education and the first group staying at ASV follows the Society and Welfare itinerary. “These students may not study an education degree but the Erasmus+ experience really helps to confirm that they are interested in social studies and have a vocation for service,” Ms. Sterckx adds.

Even within this short period at ASV, Sint Maria Geel students have been excellent ambassadors of the Flanders region by organizing interesting learning activities with our students. Goodbye! Vaarwel!

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