The ASV Difference

Learning at ASV goes beyond the school and takes place not only in off-campus experiences, but also in co-curricular programs and inspiring service learning activities. Learn more about our wide range of curricular and co-curricular programs by exploring the following sections on the school website.


ASV feels strongly that athletic achievement goes hand in hand with academic success and personal growth. Participation in sports also helps students to develop many skills and values that can be transferred to other areas of their lives. The ASV Athletics Curriculum is designed following the SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Education) standards and is implemented from Kinder to Grade 10.

World Languages

Learning new world languages helps students to discover new cultures and visions, while they become more receptive to the difference. At ASV, students use English as their principal instructional language, but they are also exposed to other world languages throughout their academic life.

Co-curricular Programs

ASV offers complementary programs that encourage students to participate in athletics, STEM, developing student’s global mindset and other activities during school hours.

Amongst these programs are: ASV+, the school’s official co-curricular program (offered from PreKinder 2 to Grade 12), Model United Nations Programs (offered in Middle School and High School), and ASV Global Exchange Programs.

These activities are optional and eligible by students in certain grade levels.


School Services

The ASV Operations Department coordinates the provision of three essential services for the student’s daily life: the health service, the dining room service, and the transportation service.


Life After ASV

ASV supports High School students in their transition to university by developing an extensive orientation program but also guiding them on the diverse ways to enter into Spanish and international universities. Then, when ASV students graduate, they join the enriching community of ASV Alumni.

Learn more about these aspects of our community life by visiting this section.