The American School of Valencia believes that Preschool is where life-long learning begins. ASV nurtures a warm and respectful environment focused around the development of the whole child through meaningful and English-rich experiences. We nurture the young child’s imagination, creativity and enthusiasm for learning by providing opportunities that invite investigation, exploration and discovery. We recognize the importance of the home-school connection and value a positive and trusting relationship with parents.


ASV Preschool offers a comprehensive play-based program which encourages cognitive, social and physical development. In a typical week students will participate in activities ranging from literacy, mathematics, music, art, personal and social education, physical education, science and Spanish language.

Grade Levels

The ASV Preschool offers four grade levels which build upon each other to prepare students for enrollment in Elementary School.
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In Nursery, we welcome our youngest students. Children are immersed in an English environment which sets the foundation for their learning. Our Nursery class builds strong family-home connections and routines to carry the students through their subsequent years in Preschool. A typical day in Nursery is divided into free play, outdoor time, lunch, nap and structured activities to promote literacy, numeracy and communication skills. Our Nursery students develop the beginnings of a love of learning fostered at ASV.

PreKinder 3
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Inside the PreKinder 3 class, the environment is filled with the sound of learning. Children are naturally selecting their area of interest, experimenting with English in different settings as teachers move through the room to support individual learning. Students develop more independence in learning while still experiencing a developmentally-appropriate daily routine. In PreKinder 3, students have rest time and numerous opportunities to stretch and move their bodies. Our PreKinder 3 program sets the foundation of English to carry the students through their years at ASV.

PreKinder 4
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In the PreKinder 4 class the children are now fully aware of their environment and have a strong foundation of English. The four year olds learn through a more structured learning environment to develop greater autonomy. A typical day starts with whole group learning and moves to thematic centers or small groups where children manipulate and explore academic concepts in play. After outdoor play the children enjoy free play where they practice and embrace friendships and learn problem solving skills. The PreKinder 4 program is a building block to instill learning and positive character traits.

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Our Kinder class are the role models in Preschool. Kinder students show strong signs of reading and writing readiness and have developed all the essential components for life-long learning. Our Kinder students are independent and confident in their surroundings. Their day is the most structured of the Preschool yet balanced with outdoor and exploratory play. Similar to all Preschool, students are exposed to learning in thematic units following the Common Core State Standards from the United States with particular focus on reading, writing and math to prepare for the shift to Elementary School. By the end of Kinder, ASV students have acquired social, academic and personal skills to bridge them into the ASV Elementary Program.

The Daily Experience

We organize our classes so that children have the option of playing in different centers. Teachers also teach whole class sessions, using songs, stories and role-playing. They also work in small groups to help guide children more directly in each area.