Grade 5 class and book cover on the smartboard

One Book, One School

The ASV Community reads Just Ask in the third edition of this whole-school initiative

Last week, the ASV community gathered around the same book to read it, learn from it, and above all, enjoy it! This whole-school event was the third edition of the One Book, One School initiative, which this year chose the book Just Ask! written by Sonia Sotomayor and illustrated by Rafael Lopez.

Just Ask! has been used by teachers and students in all grades to share the joy of reading while building a common language and understanding on the ASV Value Respect Others and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of Reduced Inequalities and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

“It was lovely to see our students celebrating their differences and being curious about other people in the community,” Ms. BethAnn Kornobis described. “Sharing this book encourages students to engage in vulnerable and empathetic conversations, and learn how being different not only enriches but also strengthens our community,” the teacher coordinating this event added.

A collective art project inspired by the book chosen will be displayed this week in the Elementary School Library.

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