School Services

The ASV Operations Department coordinates the provision of three essential services for the student’s daily life: health services, food services and transportation services.


Health Service

American School of Valencia provides basic health services on campus through a team of school nurses. Its first mission is to attend to any incident or minor accident that occurs during the school day. The nurses also monitor students with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and supervise the correct application of the allergy and food intolerance protocol.

Education for health
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In coordination with the academic area, the school nurses plan a health education program adapted to the needs of each educational stage. Throughout the year, workshops and special lessons are organized on hygiene, oral health, active lifestyle and healthy eating.

Cardiac Protected community
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The ASV campus has an infirmary, first aid kits distributed around the campus and three semi-automatic defibrillators located in the main building, in the Preschool classroom and in the sports area. Its existence, together with the training given to part of the staff, makes the ASV a cardioprotected school community.

Certified facilities
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The ASV Infirmary is officially recognized as “health center”. This is an official validation granted by the Generalitat Valenciana and the Conselleria de Sanitat that states that our school infirmary has the facilities and equipment required for medical care as well as that its operating protocols meet the standards of this type of service.

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Currently ASV offers 14 bus routes that serve families living in Valencia and other towns in the metropolitan area and the municipality of Sagunto.
Families have a mobile application to follow the routes and and coordinate pick up changes in case of delays or incidents with traffic.

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Food Services

Lunch service is provided to all students as a part of the school day and the educational project.

The school has two school dining halls and its own kitchen facilities. The main dining hall is located in the main building with capacity for 450 students. It is equipped with home automation systems and multimedia equipment to also hold learning and training activities. The senior dining hall is located in the Athletic Center and serves as a dining hall for High School students as well as an additional learning space.

Lunch is provided in different shifts adjusting to the schedule in each division and the COVID-19 disinfection protocols.

Elementary and middle school students may bring a healthy snack for the mid-morning break. For Preschool students, ASV provides a snack before the end of the school day.