World Languages

In the past, world languages acquisition was a privilege for a few; however, in the 21 Century, World Languages are now a contemporary necessity. Consequently, there is an emphasis on World Language acquisition in order that all students have the skill sets to be linguistically successful now and into the future.

Learning Philosophy

Learning new world languages helps students to discover new cultures and visions, while they become more receptive to the difference. Languages also build up the required skills in today’s changing and interconnected world.

At ASV, students use English as their principal instructional language, but they are also exposed to these other world languages throughout their academic life. The table below shows those languages and the way they are implemented into the school curriculum.
Early Acquisition
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The American School of Valencia stands out among other international schools by introducing World Languages at early stages: Spanish is introduced in Preschool, as part of the regular curriculum, and Spanish and Valencia are taught across Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. These languages receive a specific approach whether they are offered to national and international students.

As students enter Grade 6, French and German are integrated into the curriculum. As of Grade 9 these courses are electives but increase gradually the teaching periods, allowing students to become more proficient.

The ASV Methodology
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The ASV World Languages Department has established as the main priority for language courses a practical and interactive approach: the goal is to prepare students for real life situations. Consequently, linguistic skills and knowledge are at the service of communication.

Studying grammar, learning vocabulary and practicing conversation are part of the teaching methodology, not an end in itself. These are the means to provide the students with the tools to understand others and express in both oral and written forms.

Language Certifications
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While the language of instruction at ASV is predominantly English, the opportunity to be certified in other World Languages proficiencies is offered to all students with the appropriate language proficiency.

By taking and passing the different World Languages courses or the SSL program, our students can earn any of the existing certification exams aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or the equivalent levels established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.