Frequent Parent Questions

Do you have additional questions? Some of them may have been answered in our Frequent Parent Questions section. Read the diverse questions grouped by their place in the admissions process.

Frequent parent questions

Inquiry about ASV

What makes ASV unique?
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  • Leading international school in Valencia
  • 35% international student body with more than 56 different nationalities
  • Open and spacious 34.000m2 campus
  • High-performance academic and athletic facilities
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  • SAT and ACT Test Preparation and Test Center
  • Outstanding results in university admissions process
  • Education focused on comprehension, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking
  • Early acquisition of world languages
  • Global interactions through student exchanges, MUN programs and Athletics
  • Wide variety of extracurricular activities including sports, arts and STEM
  • Technology integration (iPads, MacBook Airs, wi-fi, computer labs, Apple TVs, Smart boards, etc)
  • Extensive bus service to areas in and around Valencia
What curriculum is taught?
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We offer a standards-based American curriculum following Common Core State Standards, Spanish National Standards and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

What Diploma can my child earn?
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All students can earn the American Diploma and Spanish Diploma (through the homologation process). Students may also earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma if they chose this pathway in Grade 11.

What is the language of instruction?
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Our language of instruction is 100 percent in English, except for Spanish, Spanish social studies (sociales) and world language classes.

What are the school hours and calendar?
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The day for all students is from 09.30 to 16.30. The Academic year begins in September and ends in June.

At what age are children accepted ASV?
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Students who turn 20 months old can begin in our Nursery program.

What level of English should my child have to apply?
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We recommend that students start school in our Nursery and Prekinder 1 programs, since early English Language acquisition and a rigorous academic foundation is provided at ASV in this early and important stage for future academic success.

For students entering Preschool, at least some initial level of English is preferable.

For students entering Elementary with a beginning or intermediate level of English , a conditional admission may be offered with the condition of academic support at an additional expense.

Students entering Middle School and after must demonstrate a high proficiency in English (reading, writing and oral expression) in order to be admitted.

What level of Spanish should my child have to apply?
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Spanish language knowledge is not a requirement for admissions. All students in Grades 1-12 have a daily class of Spanish language at native or additional language level.

What languages are offered?
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Students begin studying Spanish in Prekinder 1, Valencian is introduced in Grade 1, and students make the choice of studying French or German in Grade 6. English is the main language of instruction.

Does ASV have any boarding facilities or to help identify host families?
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We do not offer boarding facilities nor do we have any contacts with organizations or third parties who may offer these types of services to potential students. ASV applicants must live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Can my child start once the school year has begun?
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Yes, students start at all times of the year, where we have availability. IB students will require individual consideration due to the rigorousness of the program.

Do you offer a special needs program?
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The school offers very limited support for students with special needs.

Where do your students attend university?
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The main university destinations for our graduates are the US, Spain, UK and other European locations.

Do you have a summer program?
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Yes, we offer a Summer Program every year in July following the ASV spirit and philosophy for students 2 to 16 years old from any school. We offer a variety of activities such as sports, arts, crafts, swimming and excursions. Registration opens every year on March 1.

Applying to ASV

When should I submit my Application for Admission? Is there a deadline?
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The school receives applications on a rolling basis, and there is no fixed application deadline. However, most grade levels are at capacity and it is difficult to predict which grades will have vacancies for the following academic year. Therefore, we always encourage our prospective families to begin the application process as soon as possible.

What grade should I apply for?
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The ASV grade level placement policy is based on the student’s previous academic enrollment, not only on the year of the child’s birth.

What are the requirements to apply to ASV?
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  1. Application for Admission completed in detail
  2. Transcripts (academic school reports) for the previous three (3) academic years for Elementary and High School students as appropriate. Any standardized test scores should also be submitted. Transcript can only be accepted in English (preferred) or Spanish.
  3. Admissions interviews and evaluations. Those can take place at all grade levels (Nursery through Grade12) at the discretion of the school in order to determine each applicant’s suitability for admission.
Where should I submit my completed application materials?
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We have an online Admissions Process that can be found in our Admissions section in our website.

Do documents need to be officially translated?
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All transcripts (academic school reports) which are not originally written in English or Spanish must be accompanied by official translations. In all cases, however, the school must have an original transcript (academic school report) that is signed or stamped. This also applies to other auxiliary documents.

What does the Admissions Evaluation consist of?
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  • Reading and writing (in English)
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish (if applicable)
How is the Admissions Evaluation administered?
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If in Valencia, we schedule a time for testing at our school, typically 3 to 4 hours.
If abroad, we ask that you send us the name and email of a staff member at the student's present school who can supervise the examination, and we notify you immediately when we send the instructions so that you can coordinate with them the best time.

We use MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) for English Reading and Mathematics. If your child has taken these at the present school, you may forward us the latest results.

Review Process

Once I am informed that my application has entered the review process, when can I expect a response?
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The review of an application is normally completed within two to four weeks. The process may take a little longer in peak periods, or if there is any additional follow-up which may need to be done.

Who will review my child’s file?
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The Admissions Committee is comprised of the Preschool and Elementary Principal, the Middle School and High School Principal and the Director. Additional faculty members may be consulted for specialist advice such as the IB Coordinator, the Spanish Technical Director, the English as a Second Language Specialist, the Learning Support Specialists or the Guidance Counselors.

What are the criteria for acceptance at ASV?
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When reviewing an application, special consideration is given to the following:

  • High academic performance
  • Native English speaking and international families
  • Overall respectful and responsible behavior
  • Parents committed to the ASV mission and philosophy
  • Siblings already attending or accepted into the school

The Final Decision

My child has been accepted at ASV. What steps do I need to take to complete registration?
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To confirm your acceptance, the Admissions Director will send you a formal email containing:

  • The Acceptance Letter from the Director
  • Payments and due date of the Capital Fee, Enrollment Fee, and school share, if applicable.
  • Submission of required documentation.
My child has been offered a place on the waiting list. What now?
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As an international school community, a number of families transfer throughout the school year. We typically have further information about availability every year in March when our current student body re-enrolls for the upcoming academic year. On some occasions, availability may come after that date and as late as September.
When a space becomes available in the grade concerned, we revisit all the applications on the waiting list, and apply our criteria for admission in order to be able to offer the place to the most suitable candidate.

Starting at ASV

When and how will I receive information regarding back-to-school and other transition information?
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You will receive a ‘Welcome’ email in July, or upon registration if you enroll after this time which will contain key dates, basic school supplies list, and your school accounts and passwords. You will also receive a ‘Welcome’ email from our Principal with key information.

Please note all relevant information is in our open school App, “American School of Valencia”, which is available through the App Store and Google Play.

Who do I contact for changes to personal contacts (phone, address, etc.)?
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The secretary that sends the ‘Welcome’ email will be also in charge of all administrative information in your child’s division.

When will the school fees be invoiced?
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Tuition fee and optional services invoices for new families are sent out in September when classes begin by our finance department.

How/when can I enroll in the Co-Curricular Activities?
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A welcome letter from the coordinator will be sent to you with information and a Signup form for Extracurricular Activities (ASV+).