Athletics at ASV

At ASV we strongly believe that athletic achievement goes hand in hand with academic success and personal growth.
Our Athletics program fosters and enhances the ASV values, while providing students additional opportunities to explore and experience new abilities, collaborations, team building and high personal achievement through a variety of sports.

Physical Education at the ASV Curriculum

The Physical Education program teaches physical literacy, which encompasses the three domains of physical education: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective. The curriculum is designed following the SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Education) standards and is imple
mented from Kinder to Grade 10.

Instruction takes into consideration not only physical competence and knowledge but also student attitudes, motivation, and the social and psychological skills that students need to develop to attain physical literacy.

Athletic Experiences at ASV

At Middle and High School level ASV athletes also compete at an intramural, local, national and international level in a wide range of sport events. These opportunities are derived from the integration of ASV in the following athletic conferences:
The European Sports Conference
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The European Sports Conference (ESC) sees ASV students competing with other students from eleven International Schools from all over Europe. The calendar of events sees each school hosting an event, and they are generally divided into boys and girls categories.

The Iberian League
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ASV participates in the Iberian League at both Junior Varsity and Varsity level. Hosting of the events is rotated between participating schools. Tournaments are divided into boys and girls events and take place throughout the year in basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Valencia International Schools Tournaments
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These tournaments involve ASV and other local international schools. The schools participate in one day tournaments which are divided by age groups. The sports covered by these tournaments are presently basketball, soccer, athletics and swimming.

ASV+. The ASV Co-curricular Program

Athletic activities are a key component of ASV+, the official co-curricular activities program. Students may participate in a variety of athletic teams within the school day so this does not affect study and resting time at home or family routines. ASV+ also includes STEM, dance, music, and world languages; all of the activities (except for Français and Deutsch) are instructed in English by expert coaches and teachers. Students also play in athletic matches and tournaments.

Athletic Facilities

The ASV athletic facilities host the regular Physical Education program, ASV+ sessions, and other community activities.