Board of Governors

The American School of Valencia is legally formed as a limited liability corporation (Sociedad Anónima), with all of its capital established by shares held predominantly by the parents of registered students at the school. The Board of Governors is the highest executive body and its members are ratified in the General Shareholder’s Meeting.

The Board of Governors does not manage the day to day operations of the school, nor the teachers and staff. Similarly, the Board of Governors does not manage parent communication.

Through the General Shareholders Meeting, which is announced publicly and held each year, every shareholder is provided general information relevant to the school’s financial operations and periodically elects the Board of Governors.

The ownership of the school belongs, generation after generation, to parents with a clear interest in the school and the education of their children. Consequently, the success of ASV is the result of the constant effort of successive generations, designed by parents as shareholders of the school.

The Board of Governors is charged with the primary responsibility of:
  • Providing strategic planning and policy guidance for the future and long-term success of the school.
  • Providing fiduciary oversight of the financial operations of the school, including approving all annual school fees.
  • Hiring and evaluating the Director.
  • Building a strong and engaged school community.