Life after ASV

ASV students in High School (Grades 9-12) are provided a comprehensive university orientation program which supports the process of selecting and applying for Spanish, American and international universities. Once finished with their studies, ASV graduates are invited to stay connected to the ASV community by joining the ASV Alumni Association.

University Counseling

University Counseling is a comprehensive program for High School students and their families which provides continuously updated resources, information and trends in the university admissions world. Students are systematically exposed to a series of talks, workshops, university fairs and information that are useful to explore each student’s unique career choices and university options.

Special guidance is offered for American and international universities in the European Union, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as all of these educational systems require long-term planning and specific admission processes and admissions testing.


The ASV Alumni Community

ASV Alumni are the best ambassadors of the ASV difference as they have a firsthand experience of the ASV’s visionary philosophy of international mindedness, multilingualism, integrity and innovative education. Their legacy is today stronger than ever when they return as parents with a new generation of ASV students to continue this world-changing mission.

ASV Alumni
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The Alumni Association of ASV was created in 1995, and its main objective is to foster relationships among alumni as well as between the alumni and the school. The Association hosts an annual reunion. Members of the Association also actively participate in different school events and share their university and professional experience in the orientation program.

ASV Alumni Database
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The special challenge of an international school is keeping track of people as they move all over the world. To help keep contact with ASV, the school has an Alumni Database and uses a LinkedIn group as a networking tool.

What Alumni Say