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Nacho Navarro (Class of 2014)

This month, ASV Alumnus Nacho Navarro has been promoted to the position of Vice President – AI Research Lead at JP Morgan, the American financial company in where he has been working as software engineer since 2018. In this new position, he will lead the implementation of “artificial intelligence strategies tailored to address specific challenges in banking, such as enhancing fraud detection, risk management, and streamlining due diligence,” Navarro describes from Madrid, where JP Morgan Spain’s headquarters are located.

Navarro graduated from ASV in 2014 and studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College London. He completed the masters degree in 2018 with first class honors, and in 2019-2021 he studied a Masters of Science in Engineering in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

Congratulations to this ASV graduate for all of his accomplishments.

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