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An additional role of the ASV infirmary is providing health education all across the school by organizing a variety of talks and workshops. Last week, our nurses led two of those activities:

Dental health for Kinder. In this activity held on Wednesday, January 31, students learned why it is important to have good dental hygiene. On Friday, February 2, those with the required parent authorization had the dental checkup offered by Conselleria de Sanitat through the Puçol Health Center.

Workshop on Diabetes with Grade 6. Students had the opportunity to learn more about diabetes and which diabetes can appear at early ages. Students also had the opportunity to learn more about the human organs involved and the care necessary for people with this condition. “The experience has been very motivating and they have participated actively,” Ms. Inma Requena highlighted.

Welcome, Ms Sofía and Ms. Andrea

We invite students and teachers to give a warm welcome to Ms. Sofía Sánchez and Ms. Andrea Escribá to the Infirmary. They are serving for a period of time as part of the training required in their university studies.

Ms. Sofia (left) is studying Nursing at the Universidad Europea de Valencia and her practicum will end on March 27, 2024. Ms. Andrea (right) is completing the Masters Degree in School Nursing at the Universitat Jaume I (Castellón) and is staying for two weeks.

This is the second year in a row that the ASV Infirmary collaborates with universities interested in offering their students a hands-on experience in a school setting.

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