Athletics at ASV

The ASV Athletics program provides students additional opportunities to experience new abilities and build collaboration skills and team-spirit. By April and May, this area is especially active by hosting special events such as Sports Days or the next season of the ASV+ program.

Sport at Elementary Ages

Sports Day 2024 serves as an excellent platform to demonstrate to the entire school the multifaceted benefits of physical activity: physical, social, and mental.  At Elementary School, the primary focus is on providing students of all ages and levels the opportunity to enjoy various activities together, emphasizing participation over competition. The 2024 edition took place on March 27, the day before the Spring Break, and it was an exciting day for everyone involved.

“It was inspiring to witness the “Captains” of each team (G5 students) leading their mixed-grade groups through all the stations,” Coach Álvaro Perez mentions. “Additionally, it is nice to see our teachers interacting with students in a different environment than the normal classroom setting,” he adds. Coach Perez has already solicited feedback from both teachers and students to make improvements for 2025.

Grads 6-10 Sports Day

The MS – HS Sports Day marks a thrilling celebration of athleticism and camaraderie as students from Grade 6 to Grade 10 come together for an event which combines a track and field championship in the morning and team sports segments in the afternoon. This year, the activity took place on Friday, April 19, 2024. After counting all of the individual results, the green team emerged victorious with the blue, red, and yellow teams following closely behind.

The success of Sports Day not only celebrated athletic achievement but also fostered a sense of belonging and unity among students of all grades. It served as a reminder of the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and mutual support in both sports and life.

In less than two weeks’ time, some of our athletes will have the opportunity to represent the ASV in the VIS track and field championship.

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