Two ASV Graduates Join a Volunteer Program After Completing the IB Diploma

Alexander Van Til and Teo Cheong (Class of 2023) wanted to join a volunteer program during the summer after completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). After considering several options, these ASV graduates decided to volunteer abroad for a week in Africa on an island called Cape Verde to help the children with English lessons.

“It was a very rewarding experience, and we had to teach for 4 hours a day, so we got to know the kids really well, and they got to know us,” Alexander describes. They enjoyed this teaching role and organized a soccer game one day after classes finished. “Both Teo and I learned a lot about how the kids live, and we felt lucky to be able to help in some way,” our former student said.

“Having a volunteering experience over the summer period is a fabulous experience and a great idea to add to their resume when applying to universities,” Ms. Meaghan Van Til, mother of Alexander, highlights. She says that there are a number of companies running volunteer programs, and 17 is the youngest age taken into account. Consequently, this experience is mainly applicable to Grade 12 students.

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