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Erasmus+ Students from Sint Maria Geel High School

American School of Valencia continues to collaborate with Sint Maria Geel in Belgium to develop an Erasmus+ practicum experience for students in their last year of the Belgium National Baccalaureate.

On Monday, February 6, 2023, the group had a welcome and orientation meeting led by the ASV Director of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum, Ms. Amanda Bird, and then they joined the assigned classes to start their work with the ASV mentors.

“The students have adapted well to this experience. They are taking everything in and learning so much from their cooperating teachers and staff members,” Ms. Bird shared by the end of the first week. “One reflection they have had so far is how independent our students are with reading and writing, and this is kudos to the amazing teachers we have who have fostered this independence through the workshop approach,” she added.

Sint Maria Geel students are collaborating with ASV teachers in PK1, PK2, Grades 3, 4, and 5. They support English and Math lessons, help the teacher in other duties and observe the daily routine. Some students are also assisting in Spanish, Valencian, P.E. and Performing Arts classes to experience different subjects with the students in their classes.

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