Winter Events

Winter Concerts Our school is approaching the Winter Break by holding a variety of activities for families and students. This past week the Athletic Center hosted the Winter Concerts for Elementary School (two events, on Wednesday, December 11) and Middle School (a single concert, on Thursday, December 12).   The first concert on Wednesday featured Orff Ensembles […]

Successful Audit Report of the Academic Year 2018-2019

Each year, the school undergoes a thorough and exhaustive audit of its finances and accounting practices by an independent and external auditing firm, BDO Auditores.  During one week in October 2019, the auditors were working with the Business Office staff to examine the school’s finances and accounting practices for the academic year 2018-2019.  After this week, BDO kept […]

Investigations for ‘Group 4 Project’

Grade 11 students developed their experiments for the ‘Group 4 Project’ on Monday, December 9.  This year’s topic is climate change, and students were assigned different subjects -biology, physics, chemistry or environmental sciences- to focus on a specific issue.  In order to design their experiments, they previously researched and defined the research question, variables, and procedures. “The investigations […]