Investigations for ‘Group 4 Project’

Grade 11 students developed their experiments for the ‘Group 4 Project’ on Monday, December 9.  This year’s topic is climate change, and students were assigned different subjects -biology, physics, chemistry or environmental sciences- to focus on a specific issue.  In order to design their experiments, they previously researched and defined the research question, variables, and procedures.

“The investigations are designed by them from scratch, so they really work following the scientific method.  Students find problems that any investigation would find and they have to adjust things and have alternative plans.  It is a hands-on project which is always great” Mr. Benlloch, High School Chemistry Teacher and Assistant Principal, described.

The majority of students used their first two periods in the morning to set up and after the break started the investigation.  Other students started earlier due to the complexity in the setting up.  “After this day, the rest is just organizing data, processing, analyzing and writing reports and preparing presentations for the day that they present in the theater”  added Mr. Benlloch.

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