Meet Verinoka Chernitska, an ASV Graduate Studying Drama

Last week Grades 7 and 8 had a special advisory period to meet an ASV graduate studying Drama in the United States. She is Veronika Chernitska, a member of the Class of 2018. This former student prepared a short presentation on her first months at The New School, a highly-prestiged university in New York which […]

ASV Alumni Experiences: Studying in the United States

Resuming the university orientation activities, on Thursday, January 10, 2019, the High School Counseling organized a second meeting with ASV alumni studying abroad. Three graduates living and studying in the United States: Pablo Molina, Daniel Pérez and Javier Tabarés, offered short presentations describing what they are doing this year. Pablo Molina (on the right), currently at […]

2014-2015 Best University Academic Record

Pablo Joaquín Martínez Carlos, member of the Class of 2009, recently received the National Prize to the Best University Academic Record, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, for his final grades in the Business Management degree at the University of Valencia. Pablo completed in the 2014-2015 academic year a dual degree combining Business Management […]

Meeting with Graduates Studying in the United Kingdom

Three members of the Class of 2018 who are studying in the United Kingdom this year, Guillermo González, Dunia Van Hulle, and Neus Forner, visited the ASV campus to join the annual encounter with alumni studying abroad. Another guest was Linden Nieto (Class of 2014), who also studied in the UK and now works as […]

Estrella Garcés, Trainee at the ECB

We are pleased to share with the ASV community the news that our former student Estrella Garcés (Class of 2011) was selected in April 2016 for the program SSM Traineeship at the European Central Bank.

Special Award in Law and Business Administration for an ASV Alumnus

We recently knew that the ASV alumnus Pablo Joaquín Martínez (Class of 2009) won two special awards for his extraordinary achievement studying the Double Degree in Law and Business Management and Administration. Pablo graduated from the University of Valencia in 2015 and now is working at the law firm Uria Menendez. Congratulations to our former student!