University Acceptances

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Learn where the Class of 2023 is studying Year after year, via any of ASV’s diploma options, our graduates consistently enroll in top tier universities in Spain and internationally. This process is usually completed by late July, when Spanish public universities publish their admissions lists and students proceed to enroll. Every summer, the ASV University […]

Two ASV Graduates Join a Volunteer Program After Completing the IB Diploma

Alexander Van Til and Teo Cheong (Class of 2023) wanted to join a volunteer program during the summer after completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). After considering several options, these ASV graduates decided to volunteer abroad for a week in Africa on an island called Cape Verde to help the children with English lessons. […]

Life in The Netherlands for ASV Alumni

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From October 3 to 7, 2022, the ASV Counselor, Ms. Veronica Cinosi, visited some universities in The Netherlands and met ASV graduates studying in the country: Noah Bolognesi, Lucía Clavijo and Elena Clemente (Class of 2021); Chloe and Maxime Schrinejmaekers (Class of 2020); and Jaime Brizuela (Class of 2016). In addition to getting to know […]

María Molins (Class of 2015), Merit Award in the International Business Degree

ASV is pleased to know that Ms. María Molins (graduate of the ASV Class of 2015) has earned one of the Merit Awards given by the Universitat de València to those outstanding students completing degrees and master degrees.  Maria has been recognized for her remarkable performance studying International Business from 2016 to 2020. At ASV, María […]

Javier Martínez Carlos to Study Politics and European Governance

This alumni from the ASV Class of 2015 has recently completed a Master’s Degree in International and European Studies at the University of Valencia. Mr. Martínez has been admitted by the European College of Bruges and will study a Master’s Degree in Politics and European Governance, receiving one of the two scholarships granted by the […]

Dr. Beatriz Suay García. PhD Extraordinary Award in Health Sciences

Beatriz Suay García (ASV Class of 2010) recently received an extraordinary award for her doctoral thesis, presented in 2019 at CEU Cardenal Herrera University.  The group of all CEU universities in Spain have chosen Dr. Suay’s work as the best doctoral thesis in Health Sciences.  This thesis presents a new method to find alternative uses for […]

Carlos Sala (Class of 2014) Represents Valencian Economic Sectors in the European Parliament

The ASV community is pleased to share that Carlos Sala Franch, a graduate of the ASV Class of 2014, has been hired to lead the technical representation of the Confederación Empresarial Valenciana (a regional employers’ organization) before the European Parliament. Sala successfully completed the selection process and will work in Brussels as CEV representative in the office […]

Alex Lostado (Class of 2017), Cum Laude Award at Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Álex Lostado Skorczynska (Class of 2017) recently received the Cum Laude Award, an academic recognition for his outstanding qualifications during the first year at the School of Economics at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Holland). These awards recognize those students obtaining an average over 8.25 points in their first-year courses. Alex says that “for Dutch universities […]

Alex Lostado, Cum Laude Award at Erasmus University

We are pleased to share that Álex Lostado Skorczynska (Class of 2017) has received an academic recognition for the outstanding qualifications during the first year at the School of Economics at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Holland). The Cum Laude award was received at the end of the first trimester of the 2018-2019 academic year, during […]