ASV Alumni Experiences: Studying in the United States

Resuming the university orientation activities, on Thursday, January 10, 2019, the High School Counseling organized a second meeting with ASV alumni studying abroad. Three graduates living and studying in the United States: Pablo Molina, Daniel Pérez and Javier Tabarés, offered short presentations describing what they are doing this year.

Pablo Molina (on the right), currently at the American University in Washington D.C., described the interesting story of this institution and pointed out the value of the IB Diploma Program for those students interested in international universities: “When it comes to really advanced high level classes, a lot of what you learn, especially in writing, is very useful, and you can really use that in college,” he commented.

Daniel Pérez (on the left) described the experience of being a student-athlete playing soccer in American universities, “You have to be organized and dedicate quality time for studying and your time for athletics because in the end, there is time for everything. If you need to, you can study on the bus before a game or after a game.”

The third speaker, Javier Tabarés (between Dani and Pablo), offered an overview of Parsons School of Design where he is studying Fashion Design and the difference of a university located in New York City. “The most shocking aspect of New York is probably the level of resources you can find in the entire city. My university has a room specifically set up to create fabrics, with big machines students use to learn how the textile industry works”, he described, “and the New York City Public Library  has a section only for fashion, which is amazing.” Javier included in his presentation an interesting timeline of the application process to American universities

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