ASV teacher shows project card

Mission Alpha Has Taken Off!

Students in Grade 9 and Grade 11 studying French and Biology are modeling one of the lab experiments included in the science project Mission Alpha: wake up the Blob, a unicellular organism whose scientific name is Physarum Polycephalum but is frequently identified with this nickname taken from a movie. In the coming weeks, ASV and other participating schools will compare their research with the results obtained at the International Spatial Station under zero-gravity conditions.

These organisms grow fast and the project team has come up with an interesting “recording box”, where they can record the process while the culture is protected from external light. “We hope to have more results and new videos next week,” Ms. Elena Martí announces. “Our progress will be shared through the news section called Activités Blob, and the notice board “Le Tablob” created in the High School hallway.”

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