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41st Anniversary of ASV

On October 14, 1980, our school started an exciting journey to offer an international and multilingual education to the Valencian community. 41 years ago, a group of visionary families and teachers founded the Colegio Hispano Norteamericano aiming to establish the first English-speaking school in Valencia. The preliminary work started in 1978 and included official inquiries with the Spanish education authorities, close support of the American embassy and the Middle States Association (MSA), and an agreement with the owners of the residential area “Los Monasterios”.

Today, ASV is the international school of choice for many local and international families following an international curriculum. Our school provides an experience defined by the attributes valued in contemporary education: innovation, creativity, collaboration, global awareness, and critical thinking.

When preparing for the 2021-2022 academic year, ASV proved its capacity to offer a safe school environment in the context of a global pandemic. The school also has reached the highest level of student enrollment in 41 years and our students are succeeding in multiple academic indicators including MAP (Measures of Academic Progress), the PCE-EvAU exams (Spanish university entrance exams), and the IB External Examinations.

We aspire to see our students developing into respectful, caring, and contributing global citizens. We believe that we can do this by providing them with the best possible education opportunity. Thank you for choosing our school and supporting its mission.

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