We are pleased to report that the ASV THIMUN 2016 team has had a very rewarding and successful time attending the world’s largest Model United Nations Conference at The Hague.

Our team, made up of Seoyeong Jong, Veronica Cherniska, Amon Manville, Julio Caballero, Frank Dadparvar, Pedro Bonet, Lydia Cabo, and Ambassador Mar Hernandez, represented ASV and our assigned delegation of Latvia professionally and diligently. They lobbied, debated, and thought critically about a variety of global issues under the theme of ‘Sustainable Urbanization’. They collaborated with others, made public speeches, and asked important questions about real world problems facing the real leaders of today’s world.

From a cultural perspective, students enjoyed a day in Amsterdam, not to mention some free time in the beautiful Hague. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Boyer are immensely proud of this year’s delegates and will celebrate this at an upcoming spring assembly.

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