Enrichment Math Group Presented a Project on Magnus Force

The Enrichment Math Group performed today a presentation describing the Magnus Force. Guided by Ms. Escarlata Casas, these group of 5th graders have been working to understand why rounded objects spin and slightly change their path when they are launched at an specific speed. ASV faculty who could attend the presentation noticed how students had […]

Preparing Fallas!

ASV Fallas Day will take place on March 11, 2016. Students will be able to dress up with their falleros/as costume as every year and be part of the Corte de Honor. If your child will be dressing up that day, please let us know by filling this on line form or use the printed […]


We are pleased to report that the ASV THIMUN 2016 team has had a very rewarding and successful time attending the world’s largest Model United Nations Conference at The Hague. Our team, made up of Seoyeong Jong, Veronica Cherniska, Amon Manville, Julio Caballero, Frank Dadparvar, Pedro Bonet, Lydia Cabo, and Ambassador Mar Hernandez, represented ASV […]

ASV Senior Basketball Teams Compete in Lisbon

We are very excited that the following members of our senior basketball teams will travel to Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday night to participate in the AMAC sports conference events for 2016. AMAC (Atlantic Mediterranean Activities Conference) consists of the American School of Rabat (Morocco), Carlucci American International School (CASIL) in Lisbon, Portugal, American Cooperative School […]