Parent Conferences December 2015


Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled via Google Calendar this year, taking advantage of the efficiency of that platform. When teachers are ready to schedule conferences, they will send a link in Voices and on their ASV Google Site. Before starting, ensure you are logged into Google (either a personal or ASV account). After selecting the link, advance in the calendar to the date of the first available conference date. There is typically a link at the bottom of the page you can select to move right to the first open date. If you do not see any appointments, select “refresh” on the blue bar and try again. Open appointment times will be displayed on the calendar and times that have already been reserved will not be visible. Select the day and time you want to attend. Be sure to include your child’s name during when reserving a time. Note that some teachers have conferences toward the middle of December, and might not send a link for another week or so. As always, continue to check Voices and the classroom website for updates. We hope you find this a quick and easy method to schedule conferences this year.

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Preschool and Elementary Principal




Find below a table your child’s teacher name and book your meeting. Teachers without an active link are currently in the process of scheduling conferences:

Ms. Cristina Alabau (PK2B)

Ms. Lauren Guerra. PK2W Ms. Nicky Chakravarty. Kinder Blue
Ms. Laura Rainey. (Kinder White)
Ms. Rosemarie Lima (1B) Ms. Soraya Vitorino (1W) Ms. Deanna Williams (2B)
Ms. Kate Jacobs-Ferderbar (2W) Ms. Chelo Roig (3B) Ms. Amanda Crespo (3W)
Ms. BethAnn Kornobis (4B) Mr. Toby Fernie (4W) Ms. Ruth Jessop (5B)
Ms. Mary Cass (5W) Mr. John Stapleton (6B) Mr. Robert McLarty (6W)

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