Friendly Soccer Matches with British School of Alzira

Forty-four High School students, from 7th grade through to 11th grade, played a friendly soccer tournament against the British School of Alzira on Thursday, November 12, 2015. The games took place at the local sports center. According to the ASV Athletic Director, Andy Ojelade, our players showed effort, commitment and team spirit as well as an exemplary behavior. Older students encouraged younger schoolmates.

ASV won two out of three matches. “The boys grade 11/12 team won 4-1 against a very physical and generally bigger Alzira team”, Mr. Ojelade explained. “The girl’s team consisted of the 17 girls who have committed to the ASV+ program this year. The whole team with the exception of 4 girls is from grade 9 or below so the fact that they were playing an Alzira team that beat us last year and was made up entirely of girls from Grade 10 or above represented a serious challenge”, pointed out Mr. Ojelade. The 9th and 10th grade boys were narrowly defeated 4-3 in a very competitive game.

Mr. Ojelade congratulated all of the ASV players, but also highlighted those who stood out in their first games representing the school playing soccer. Well done!

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