Spanish Olympic Field Hockey Team Trained with ASV Students

The Spanish Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team visited American School of Valencia and had a special training session with the students who play this sport at ASV. The Red Sticks practised technical exercises and played a short game against our team, as well as they taught the basics of hockey to other schoolmates. Afterwards they enjoyed a lunch in the ASV dining hall and exchanged gifts with our kids.

“This sport is great and not many students know it”, ASV+ Coordinator Scarlett Casas said, “so it was a great opportunity to everybody to get to know this sport, to get to know professional players, and enjoy the day.” Ms. Casas thanked the Spanish federation their disposal to come because “it’s very difficult for a national team to find the time and come; they have done it, it has been a great success.”

From May 6 to June 9, the Spanish Women’s Field Hockey team will be in Valencia preparing the World Hockey League 2015, an international tournament where three teams aim to qualify for the next Summer Olympic Games. Team Chief Raul Gómez explained they try to do these type of activities “to promote hockey among children. Our players were very satisfied after the training session because children learn really fast. Although the ASV team was created less than one year ago they have a good level.”


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