Pre-service Teachers at ASV: First Feedback on the Experience

Nine university students are at ASV completing the required professional training to become certified teachers. They come from three American universities (the University of Kentucky, the University of North Georgia, and the University of Northern Colorado) and will stay three months collaborating with our faculty in the regular school work.

Some of these educators chose ASV because they were really interested in Spain but all of them agree on the benefits of a long internship: “ASV was our choice because you get the most authentic teaching experience. Other schools can only offer two or four weeks and that is not enough to understand how they run their school and their classrooms”, remarked of one the student-teachers during the first weekly debriefing with Dr. Ann C Kox.

No matter they are in Valencia just two weeks, they have felt warmly welcomed and are pleased about the interaction with our students: “They are excited, and eager to learn”, says the student-teacher placed in Grade 3. Another colleague points out how ASV “focuses on fostering a love of learning within the student community but still knowing they need to be kids.”

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