How Our Families experienced the ASV-CSN Student Exchange

We recently said goodbye to the exchange students coming from the Community School of Naples who stayed in Valencia from March 9 to 21. The Global Exchange Program is being a rewarding experience not only for students, but also for ASV families who welcome a new friend. Some of those who hosted a CSN student comment here their experience:

Mariam Martínez. Mother of an ASV 7th Grade student

We hosted a CSN student who did not live with Carla in Naples. Despite this, the experience has been rewarding. They got along really well and our daughter took care of the girl putting all the effort to make her feeling comfortable.
During the first two days the student was a little bit impressed with the distance between America and Spain, and all what was new for her. Then we visited Granada with another ASV host family and she started to feel more confident. Since that moment she enjoyed the stay and lived Fallas really integrated with us.

Giuliana Metederi. Mother of an ASV 7th Grade student
The exchange was a nice and enriching experience for us. Alessandro enjoyed the time in Naples and we were very pleased to host the American student and visit Valencia and live Fallas with him.
We think he had a great time: we went to see the Nit del Foc and the Cremà, we visited the old town, the Oceanogràfic, and the Albufera lake, in Valencia, and the San José Caves in Vall d’Uixó; we also went to a soccer game.
The boy specially enjoyed training with Alessandro’s soccer team here in Puzol, and he talked about the differences between American soccer and Spanish soccer.
We are very grateful to the ASV and to the Director, Mr. Smith, for this opportunity. We hope the exchange will be the beginning of a nice friendship. I am sure that these programs are the best way to offer a better education to our children.
Reme Colomer. Mother of an ASV 8th Grade student

The exchange was really positive for us. My daughter lived a unique experience and she learned  that there are other cultures and backgrounds different to us. She also made new friends that will be stronger after the exchange.
The host family in Naples treated Maria as a one of their own and she had a great time there. We welcomed Emma and it was nice  to show her Spain, the culture, the food… We put all our best to make her feel at ease and we think the exchange was a great experience for all of us.

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