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ASV Fallas Week

The ASV Community celebrated Fallas by holding a week of special learning activities in the Spanish and Valencian Language courses in Elementary School and hosting a community event on Thursday, March 14, 2024. Let’s have a look at the ASV Fallas Week:

The ASV Falla

The contribution of all Grades 3-5 classes and many parent volunteers made possible this amazing Falla.

Drawing Competition

All classes participated in a Fallas drawing competition. Students had a chance to vote for their favorite on Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

Field Trip for International Students

International students studying Spanish as an Additional Language course enjoyed the ASV Fallas Field Trip. This includes the Ninot exhibition, a walk through the city center and the mascletà.

Preschool Celebration

A specific celebration for Preschool was held on Friday morning. The activity ended with a globotà, a variant of the fireworks show known as mascletà but made with balloons.

Fallas Day

On Thursday, March 14, Kinder and Elementary classes gathered in Park B to celebrate the main ASV Fallas event. Parents joined after viewing the Falla and the Fallas Poster Exhibition in the Atrium. The celebration included a recognition of the ASV Cort d’Honor -the group of students wearing the Valencian costume- and traditional dances. As always, chocolate was served by our partner Colevisa to both parents and students. Thank you to everyone coming to the ASV Fallas Day!

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