ACCM Certifies ASV’s COVID-19 Safety and Security Measures

American School of Valencia has been certified by the  Agencia para la Certificación de la Calidad  y el Medio Ambiente (ACCM) for its comprehensive safety, health and hygiene measures to adapt the school operations to the new safety, security and hygiene regulations required after the COVID-19 health emergency.

While many of these implemented measures have been presented in prior communications to the ASV community, and others are being adjusted for what the education authorities will require in September, ASV continues to take all appropriate measures to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.  The safety, health and hygiene measures  include, among others,  protective elements, partitions, informative signs, disinfection protocols, and a revision of how each student or staff member entering must proceed.

Representatives of ACCM, an external and independent company supervising contingency plans in a wide range of institutions including schools, visited the ASV campus on Thursday, July 2, 2020 to make a final review of the ASV contingency plan.

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