Achieving a stable and modern international society by peacefully solving menacing crisis which are tied to political, economical, social and military issues


Five commissions will work around these topics:

I) Environmental Commission

1) Paris agreements and their fulfillment.
2) The question of nuclear energy as a viable clean energy to fossil fuels.
3) The issue of protecting natural resources while promoting urbanization, especially in developing countries.

II) Human Rights Commission

1) Issues related to child Marriages.
2) Ensurance of the proper maintenance of the human rights for refugees and avoiding their exploits from criminal or terrorist organizations.
3)Xenophobia in Europe and other forms of discrimination.

III) Disarmament Commission

1) The building of walls and other forms of armed barriers between nations.
2) Measures to counteract the lack of decent cybersecurity in public and governmental institutions.
3) Measures to prevent the use of child soldiers.

IV) Security Council

1) Tensions with North Korea and their weapon program.
2) Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts.
3) The situation in Yemen: Settling an end to the ongoing conflict in order to establish a stable and democratic government

V) EcoSoc

1) Separating culture and religion.
2) Controlling the financial aspect of war refugees to ensure their proper integration in society.
3) Promoting women’s economic empowerment.