Workshop on Bullying for Middle School

Dr. Mayte Lázaro visited ASV this week to work with Middle School classes on bullying prevention.  On Tuesday, October 17, students in grades 6, 7 and 8 attended one of the many workshops which will support the implementation of the ASV Bullying Prevention Protocol.

Following Ms. Lazaro’s presentation, students learned that they have right to be part of a safe school community but, at the same time, they must contribute to build it throughout respect, empathy and comprehension. “When I talk with teenagers my main goal is to raise awareness of bullying, which is very positive to prevent it,” Dr. Lázaro said after the workshop. “Mass media do not highlight some values, especially those needed to build human relations, and students might think that some behaviours are natural,”  she added.

The presentation was offered to empower students on bullying prevention “not being accomplices, and communicating any issue to teachers and parents”. The activity finished with a lively and profitable round of questions.

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