ASV Nurses

Welcome to the New School Nurse

The ASV community would like to give a warm welcome to Ms. Silvia Chamorro, a new member of the ASV Infirmary since October 1, 2021. Ms. Chamorro will support Ms. Inma Requena in the duties of this service, which include health incidences, monitoring of chronic diseases, administration of medicines, and supervision of food allergies.

ASV is partnering with School Nurses, an external company, in this reinforcement of the infirmary service. Ms. Chamorro has considerable experience in school nursing but also in hospitals and as a health trainer. “I have received a very nice welcome and, happily, the incidence of COVID has provided for a smooth start to the school year,” Ms. Chamorro says. “Ms. Chaorro is quickly becoming familiar with the procedures shared between the infirmary and the school office,” Ms. Inma Requena remarks.

The ASV infirmary service was a key factor to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in 2020-2021, but this year “childhood diseases are under control thanks to the hygiene measures, the bubble groups and the use of masks,” Ms. Inma explains. “This year, most families use the office communication form to report absences for health reasons, and this has been very helpful to monitor the students’ health when they come back to school. Thank you for your collaboration!” she adds.


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