Students will role-play as delegates representing a country or NGO in a specific committee of the United Nations. They will have to research their country, investigate international issues, lobby, debate and elaborate solutions to global problems.

The delegates that are considered to be most contributing are given awards, but ValMUN emphasizes on the importance of collaboration rather than  competition, for one of its aims is to promote the idea of peaceful problem solving.Throughout the conference, delegates will make use of critical thinking and communication skills, such as public speaking, research, listening, negotiating, conflict resolution, problem analysis and technical writing.


Please consider the following rules to create a productive, formal and respectful atmosphere at the conference:

  • Respectful behavior towards delegates, Chairs, teachers, staff and observers
  • Follow dress code
  • No off-topic or inappropiate note passing will be allowed
  • Follow Chair’s instructions
  • Wear jackets while having the floor or making a point
  • Wear ValMUN badges
  • Be on time