VIS Basketball Tournament

Valencia International Schools Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, the 2023 Valencia International Schools Basketball Cup took place at ASV and in the Puçol Sports Center. It was a day full of sportsmanship and excitement, where our three basketball teams demonstrated exceptional dedication and application of the skills they have been working on during the semester.

The emphasis on building a strong team spirit along with the achievements of our teams, reflect not only their individual growth but also the collective success of fostering a positive and collaborative team culture.

The Girls Basketball Team performed exceptionally well in their debut tournament, finishing in second place. We are extremely excited about this promising start and looking forward to their participation in the next tournament.

The Grade 11-12 Boys Basketball Team had an outstanding performance, winning all their games and securing the first-place finish. This accomplishment reflects once more, their skill, teamwork and high playing level.

Our Grade 9-10 Boys Basketball Team experienced a challenging tournament being one of the youngest teams in the tournament. They demonstrated exceptional effort and determination indicating potential for growth and improvement in the coming years.

Overall, the diverse results across the teams showcase both the challenges and triumphs, highlighting the potential within the school’s basketball program. Congratulations to all players and coaches!

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