Updates on the ASV Fallas Workshop

Fallas construction has commenced! With the theme of Cultures Around the World, ASV plans to depict the similarities and differences of lifestyles found within our own school and beyond. From sports to houses to clothing to storybook characters, our Fallas will combine the best of all worlds.

The fifth grade has led the pack this week. Eager to get the ball rolling, they started off creating the houses and sports equipment. Tempted to see if the sports balls worked, they decided to sneak in some soccer games amongst the building with their hand-crafted ball. We did, however, encounter some confusion when two students were given the task of making a hockey stick. Slight miscommunication occurred amongst the students until they realized, minutes later, that one was envisioning an ice hockey stick while the other was thinking field hockey.

Sharing in this fun mishap reminds us how lucky we are to attend a global school that brings so much to the table. And now, we all have the opportunity to put our hands together and depict the cultures of this bountiful community that we are a part of. Stay tuned next week to see what the first and second graders whip up for our Fallas!


Madeline Anderson

Collaborating Teacher in Grades 7 and 8


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