Updates on Kapita Project. Students receive new uniforms

Kapita students now have their new uniforms thanks to the donations of American School of Valencia Foundation and ASV community´s hard work. The uniforms were made by a local tailor near the school, and this September the school in Luangwa Valley (Zambia) received the much awaited order of 300 uniforms.

All students take great pride in their uniforms as going to school is a privilege in Zambia. It had been 5 years or more since the students had received uniforms. Ms. Julianne Stall explains: “Even though the old uniforms were mended many times and torn, the students still wore them daily and were proud to wear them. Wearing a uniform means that you are a student, and are privileged enough to attend school. Only 57% of the children in Zambia attend school and at Kapita the director works hard to get children to attend school but even so many of them are needed at home to help with work.” The delivery completes the list of school materials donated to Kapita by the ASV Foundation this year and there is still more work to do.

During her visit to Kapita School last July, Ms. Stall stayed for two weeks teaching children in grades 5th, 6th and 7th grade and working with the Kapita’s teachers. “Everything that we brought was appreciated and many students had never seen or used literature books before. All the students were excited about learning English and the games and materials we left will be used. The school needs so much and what we brought was just a beginning.” She went with Ms. Ree Gillet, a former ASV teacher who was working with the Livingstone Foundation.

How ASV Foundation started the support to Escuela Kapita

Kapita School is a rural school located in Mfuwe in the Luangwa Valley (Zambia). ASV Foundation joined with the Project Luangwa, a Zambian charity directed by Karen Beattie to help improve the conditions of the school. Project Luangwa supports many local schools. Like many schools in Zambia, Kapita needs qualified teachers, materials, and a new building.

Livingston Foundation is funding the reconstruction of Kapita School and reached out last year to ASV to help with the educational aspect of the school. In September last year the ASV Foundation decided to support the Kapita School and to involve the community of ASV. This project is in accordance with preparing the ASV students to be globally-conscious and involves children, parents, teachers and other members of the ASV community.

Last May the foundation sponsored a Memorial Day Barbecue that was a big success along with weekly bake sales and selling student-made bookmarks during the school year. All donations benefited Escuela Kapita and provided school materials and the much needed uniforms.


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