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Up Steam Technology Competition

Grade 10 Students Earn the Silver Award

Competing against forty-nine projects in their category (Coders) and level (cadets, Grades 7-10), the team composed of Xinyi G., Dmitry K., Pavel F., and Zsombor G. managed to impress the judges and bring the Silver Award home.

“Their project focused on helping people identify the correct recycling container. Using Machine Learning, they tagged pictures of trash to teach the algorithm to differentiate between plastic, paper and organic materials. Once trained, the AI makes a prediction aiming to identify and classify the various pieces of trash present in a picture,” Mr. Samuel Landete, their teacher and ASV Innovation and Technology Director, highlights.

This was the fifth edition of the Up Steam Contest, organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at the UPV campus.

More than three thousand students from one hundred seventy schools participated. Overall, there are three different categories (Coders, Makers, and Dreamers) and three different levels (juniors, cadets, and seniors). The full gala recording is available here and you can skip to the 1 hour and 35-minute mark to watch the category and level where the American School of Valencia team participated.

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