University of Kentucky Student-Teachers Finished their Training at ASV

Four students from the University of Kentucky completed their professional training at ASV last week and have traveled back to the US to get ready for their graduation. They are Ms. Carly Whiteford (who collaborated in Kinder), Ms. Melissa Marston (assigned to Grade 1), Ms. Claire McCarthy (supporting Mr. MacLarty in Middle School), and Ms. Alexis Baer (assigned to Grades 6 and 7 Language Arts).

These future educators had a chance to meet Mr. Smith and Dr. Kox on Wednesday morning but also commented for ASV Voices this productive experience:

“My cooperant teacher, Ms. Laura, has been the most amazing class teacher I have seen in my life. It was great to see their work with PBIS, especially, and learning from that” (Carly Whiteford)

“First graders have amazed me. They are so smart and they can do so much.” (Melissa Marston)

“I had to adapt because when you go from teaching a 6th grade class to teaching an 8th grade class that can be challenging. I learned a lot how I can improve teaching different grades” (Alexis Baer)

“It’s been so much fun teaching English in Grades 6 and 7 but also during break times learn from students new words in Spanish. I feel I have learn just as much as them as they learned from me.”  (Claire McCarthy)

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