Two Grade 5 Students Publish an Illustrated Story

During COVID-19 in Spain, when he was locked at home for three months, Sebastian V. looked out of the window and had a dream…

And this dream gradually became a fantasy tale…

A tale of a dragon who wanted to fly…

And one year later, with some help from (his mother and a close friend at ASV) Sebastian’s dream has been published as an illustrated book.

Book cover

“The characters are a boy and his old cat. The boy had a dream about flying and the cat suggested going to tiger island, where there was a dragon there that could get the dream done,” Sebastian summarizes.  “We wrote it on a paper, someone else revised, and then we wanted pictures,” he describes. And here is where Lisa C came in.

“I love drawing, it is one of my hobbies. I am not that good, I just really enjoy it. But my mom and his mom had a meeting and they “offered me” the job”, Lisa C. says. She likes many art techniques but for The adventure on Tiger Island, chose digital art: “I thought it would be more organized and simple. I made it like a cartoonist, trying to make it less complicated to see for young children,” she describes.

Even today, with several self-publishing platforms, that is not as simple as you may think. However, all steps were completed and Sebastian received the printed books a few weeks ago and his classmates in 5 Blue have already enjoyed a read-aloud. “Our plan is to send it to other schools”. Find The Adventure on Tiger Island on Amazon and dream with Sebastian and Lisa!

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