Two ASV Teams Move to Round 2 of the Competition Generation €uro


The Economics teacher in High School, Mr. Mervin Eyler, is assisting his students in the 2015-2016 Generation €uro Students’ Award Contest, a student-aimed competition organized by the European Central Bank. Two teams representing ASV have completed the first round with scores of 100%. This stage consisted of an online multiple-choice test of 10 easy questions, 10 hard questions and 10 very hard questions related to the European Central Bank and monetary policy.

Round two begins now, in November, and ends in February when the teams will submit their Monetary Policy Essays. Mr. Eyler and Mr. Mario Muñoz, another High School teacher collaborating in this activity, will travel to Frankfurt next week as invited guests of the ECB, to receive important information and instructions for the second and third round of the contest.

These are the two ASV teams:


11th Grade

Magdalena Aguilar

Cristina García

Eva Klauber

Daniel Pérez

Martín Zamorano

Team Advisor: Mervin Eyler

12th Grade

Pablo Arnau

Rafael Espinosa

Javier García

Julia Murphy

Carlos Ruano

Team Advisor: Mario Muñoz


Generation €uro is open to secondary school students resident in the Euro area. According to the European Central Bank, it gives young people “a chance to gain an insight into monetary policy decision-making and to find out more about the ECB’s tasks and institutional set-up.” In 2015, more than 5,500 students aged between 16 and 19 from 19 euro area countries, participated.

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