Congratulations to the ASV THIMUN delegates!

American School of Valencia was represented by 17 students in The Hague Model United Nations (THIMUN), a four-day simulation of the United Nations which is the largest and most prestigious global MUN event for High School students.

ASV’s delegates were assigned to represent Kenya and Interpol in multiple committees, while two Grade 12 students, Marc V. and Ismael M. participated as student officers: Marc as President of the Security Council and Ismael as Deputy President of Environment. “After two years attending the conference virtually, it was amazing to be back in person at THIMUN 2023,” Ms. KyleAnne Kiraly, ASV’s MUN Co-Coordinator, says.

“From the situation in Ukraine and the Tigray to ensuring the protection of migrant juveniles traveling without adults, the students debated the topics with creativity, sophistication and poise,” Ms. Kiraly describes. Students took active roles in formulating resolutions with other delegates during lobbying, and they refined the resolutions during debate through points of information, amendments and speeches. “Our delegates debated, ran their committees with professionalism, demonstrated their knowledge of procedure and decorum in the effort of fostering fruitful debate,” she adds.

As the conference came to a close, it was inspiring to see our students tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues with more than 2,000 other students from around the world. “They leave the conference with new friends, new perspectives, and an initiative to create sustainable change!,” Ms. Kiraly points out.

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