The Work of the Admissions Office during the Virtual Period

The closure of school facilities in Spain has not been a major challenge for the admissions office, which has continued working at full capacity. “During the school year we received applications from more than 60 different countries,” says Felicitas Berazay, Admissions Director. “In many cases, families arrive in Valencia just before the start of the school year, so it is common for us to remotely manage the entire enrollment process.”

For this reason, with an online admission process tailored for an international school community with multiple backgrounds, ASV has provided video conferences instead of guided tours and managed admission evaluations virtually at the student’s place of residence. “The required admissions exams -Grade 1 and up- have been conducted virtually, always seeking to ensure the most personal and warm connection possible with the student to reduce their stress,” describes Ms. Berazay.

A Mention of this work was published in Las Provincias on June 5, 2020. See the online version here and the printed version below.

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