The Summer Experience for Preschool Students

The Preschool curriculum at the ASV Summer Program lays on a specific workbook designed by our team with four engaging lessons that can be completed alongside each one of the four weeks.

This week, children in PreKinder 1 have learned more about oceans and animals that live in them. “We sang songs and played games related to this topic,” Ms. Aysel says. In Ms. Reyes’s class (Kinder), children worked on this same lesson and used the materials to “continue working on reading and writing, to recognize vowels according to the pattern and learn some syllable games”, this teacher describes.  While Kinder explored the sea, educators in PreKinder 2 highlighted the value ​​of the project 80 Days Around the World:  “We have visited different continents and countries. This week we traveled to Egypt and South Africa. The children have learned their flags, their typical food, an animal and a traditional dance ”, Ms. Celia shares.

The Summer Program experience is not limited to language acquisition. Teachers work on social skills and connect them with communicative situations. Ms. Reyes (Kinder) sees “more autonomy in conflict resolution and higher capacities to manage feelings and empathy towards classmates”. Ms. Aysel remarks on “how children have learned to express their feelings with words and take turns when playing.”

The Space Party

A special event for Preschool groups this week was the Space Party. The activity took place on three different days: Wednesday for Nursery and PreKinder 1; Thursday for PreKinder 2 and Friday for Kinder. An initial performance described the composition of the solar system and the position of our planet. Then kids had to go through four stations with games using rings, balls, and frisbees.

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