The Successful Transition of ASV towards the Virtual Learning Plan

American School of Valencia has successfully completed the transition to virtual learning. As of Monday, March 23, 2020, all instruction and the interaction of students and teachers is through the G Suite for Education platform, while some grade levels are using complementary resources such as Flipgripd, Class Dojo and See Saw. “The virtual learning plan has been based on Google’s G Suite for Education, which was already implemented in the school,” describes the ASV IT Coordinator, Camilo Montenegro. “What is new is the use of Google Meet, a high-quality video conference service that enhances interactions between teachers and pupils.”

Learn more about Virtual School in all Grade Levels

For Preschool and Elementary, teachers have designed a virtual learning plan that continues the school curriculum but at the same time “aims for excitement and motivation”, points out Ms. Elena Corchs, Assistant Principal for Preschool and Elementary. “The video conferences app is being used for whole-class meetups but also for small-group and individual work. Some parents have already provided positive feedback, sharing that their child is very excited to have this online interaction with our teachers,” Ms. Elena comments.

In Middle and High School, the use of Google Classroom is well known. The difference now is that students are increasing the use of the rest of G Suite apps. “Every day they must check the calendar, join the video conferences organized by their teachers, complete the assignments and submit them through Google Classroom”, Mr. Frechina, High School Principal, says.

Provide quality instruction

The school began to prepare the virtual learning plan in February 2020 and the communications to the school community were gradually sent between March 19 and 23.  These first messages offered support on how to set up devices and a good working environment at home. “We understand this is a very unique situation and we will try to adapt to everyone’s personal situation as much as possible,” Preschool and Elementary Principal Dr. Ann Kox stated.

Knowing that confinement measures have been implemented in other countries, this means that a large number of schools have had to rapidly implement virtual learning. “There is not a single answer, but multiple circumstances and contexts. The most important thing is to provide quality instruction and keep in touch with parents and students,” Dr. Kox remarks.

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