The Spanish Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Coach Visited our Athletic Center

Adrian Lock, coach of the Spanish Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team, visited the ASV Athletic Center yesterday morning. ASV Director, Michael L. Smith, offered a guided tour to Mr. Lock and two other coaches, who wanted to see the new pitch built in park D. “It’s been a great experience to come and see the facilities. I travelled around the world looking for different installations and this is one of the top quality pitches you can get, this is the same quality pitch we played on the Olympic tournament. And the better quality of the facilities, the better quality of the training at the end of the day,” Mr. Lock said after the visit.

Prior to see Park D, the group had a look on the new Athletic Center, where ASV has multipurpose rooms, restrooms, lockers, and a dining hall offering nice views of the basketball court and the hockey pitch. Visitors highlighted some features such as the quality of the surface, the proximity to the indoor facilities or the dimensions of the technical area. “We normally sit down before each training session, half an hour looking video either games or previous trainings. So the classroom right next to the pitch for us is a good idea. It is directly connected, you don’t have to walk. And these small details that add up to make a top quality facility,” the coach explained.

Top picture: Coach Lock, on the left, with Mr. Andrés Sigalat (PE teacher and ASV+ hockey coach), Mr. Smith (ASV Director), and Mr. Andrew J. Wilson (member of RFEH Staff).

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