The Junior Varsity Teams Represented ASV on Soccer and Basketball Tournaments

Last weekend our school was represented by the Junior Varsity teams in two athletic tournaments in Barcelona and Madrid.

A team made of boys in grades 6, 7, and 8 took part in a basketball competition hosted by the American School of Barcelona. The expedition was supervised by our coaches Mr. Gabriel Fernández and Ms. Sofía Soucase. Students spent the weekend with host families from the ASB community.

The boys had a great attitude during the matches. They were fair players, helping out opponents when they fell or played a bit too hard and respecting everyone there. The referee congratulate the team on how they reacted to his decisions and were polite to him.

During the same weeked, the girls soccer Junior Varsity team was visiting the American School of Madrid. The team was coached by Mr. Andy Ojelade while Ms. Amanda Bird also travelled as a chaperone. The atmosphere was excellent and students having prior experience helped the new players to feel comfortable and part of the group.

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